Rebrand 100 Recognizes Monterey Bay Aquarium rebrand

Of all the graphic designers I have hired in 20 years of running my marketing agency, Mat Squillante is the most thoughtful. He is such a strong designer that he has the ability to take complex, multi-tiered information and translate it graphically so it’s easy to understand and makes an incredible visual impact on its target audience. He is conscientious about budgets and timelines so clients receive deliverables on time and on budget. Working with Mat is like having an intelligent partner on each project with the guarantee that it will turn out brilliantly.

I've appreciated both your professionalism and passion for the work you do with organizations like AJP. It has been a pleasure to work with you…also, our reports have never looked better! 

Recently, our organization completed a full rebranding, with a new design for logo, website, and all of our communications. We engaged Mat as our primary partner in this process. The results far exceeded my expectations and our organization has emerged with a much stronger and more cohesive brand than ever before in our history. Throughout the process, Mat found just the right balance in helping us to expand our thinking, while simultaneously meeting our core needs. I have been so impressed that I recommend Mat to my colleagues regularly.

Lost Shark Guy / website development

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